Performing due diligence before getting Homes for sale Decatur GA

Buying a home is a costly investment and a small mistake like ignoring a pre- purchase inspection could cost you dearly. Many a times, people don’t think about having a pre purchase home inspection. Not only that, some even want to forego the pre-purchase inspection to save some few dollars. Some may think that when they skip the building inspection, it will speed up the process of buying a home. If you plan buying a home, you may want to know why it is important you hire a professional experienced in inspecting homes for sale decatur ga before you close the deal.

It helps check structural issues

Some structural issues are not easily visible with the naked eye. You may have made several trips to the home you want to buy, but you might not have seen any structural defects, yet they are there. Structural weaknesses could cause your home to collapse. This may be the worst thing to happen to you. It can cause injury and put you into a heavy financial budget if you have to do a major reconstruction.

Houses should conform to the buildings codes and standards set in Georgia. A pre-purchase inspection can bring out any issues of structural damages that may need repair or compel the seller to reduce their price. Such issues may even help the buyer make an informed decision and at times, if they are so bad, the buyer may call off the deal.

Helps budget for repairs

When you know that a house you are buying has defects that need repairs, then you can budget for that. Going into a sale without having an inspection conducted may mean huge costs of repairs that may occur due to hidden issues. Inspections are regarded as a cost saver as well as lifesaver.

Helps identify unsafe areas of the house

In case you are a first-time homebuyer, you would want to make sure that the property is safe and ready for occupancy. Even newly built houses can present safety issues. For example, a home that has asbestos and other harmful elements, or one that has loose balustrades and cracked walls could pose safety concerns.

When you have inspections conducted, you uncover these hazards, and you can make the right decision whether you will take the cost or the seller does the appropriate repairs.

While it may seem a tedious thing of purchasing a house, the inspections done before the deal is closed are worth the investment and time. A licensed expert can help you in inspecting the home you intend you buy thereby making a wise decision. The truth of the matter is that an independent inspection will cost you quite some amount of money. However, if you think carefully about the amount of money that you will potentially save by checking the home, you will find that it is worth the cost.

Why you need to buy real estate in Alpharetta

Recent real estate appreciation forecasts have shown that in beginning this year up to 2016, there will be a general drop in real estate in all 50 states. They have also indicated that Georgia may have a 0.18% to -8.7% appreciation rates. This may be terrible news for the home owners who want to sell. However, looking on the other side, it might be the perfect time for a prospective homeowner to real estate in Alpharetta. This is because the cost will be slightly lower than it was last year and the year before.

There are so many reasons that make Georgia one of the most preferable places to buy property in the country. Alpharetta in particular is a small town with less than 60,000 residents. This makes it the ideal place to live for people that like a quiet and more laid back type of life. As for the rest of the state of Georgia, there have been a continued decline in house taxes and the living cost. The cost of gas and electricity in homes is also lower than it was before. As a result, Georgia is becoming one of the most affordable places to live in among all the states.

Did you know that the average home ownership age in Georgia is 32 years? This clearly shows that homes are eminently affordable in the state. Apart from the fact that you don’t need to sell a kidney to become a property here, there are many other benefits that come from home ownership in Georgia. The state has breathtaking scenery such as the mountains, the somewhat desert like landscape not to mention all the beauty at Alpharetta.

Bringing up a family in Georgia would be tremendously beneficial. The state has a 90% High school graduation rate. Georgia schools are usually ranked with the best schools in the nation. There are well over 20 institutions of higher learning and the schools are truly affordable.

Last year, Georgia was ranked as the second among safest states to live in the whole country.  With an annual crime rate of as low as 2.13 per 1000 residents, it is simply the best place to settle down. It is no wonder that Salt Lake City was ranked the best retirement home location.

In a nutshell, owning property in the state means you get peace of mind, fewer taxes and more affordable living. If you have children, they will get the best education, and you can be almost sure the least education they will get is a High school diploma. It also means you get to enjoy some on the most beautiful scenery the country has to offer. With outdoor activities such as skiing, trekking, climbing rocks and even cycling, who wouldn’t want to own a piece of Georgia real estate property?