The John Wick III Vault includes working replica firearms that are patterned off the guns that were used in the latest film in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum. SNIPERS, searching/studying the dockyard. The two men exit as Viggo walks towards the booth, shedding, Only one of John's hands is above the table, the other. to a stop as a swarm of highly-trained gunmen emerge. Viggo takes a long pull off of his drink as the information. John fires at the fleeing gunman in the open doorway-. David slumps in his seat; exhausted, broken, and defeated. Harry grabs David by the feet as John heads back towards his. Manager's head and forces him into the vault. Something big, bold, for the end of the night, is the way John Wick describes his shotgun of choice to the Sommelier at The Continental, who doesn’t need asking twice. THE CONTINENTAL - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, The lobby is empty -save the Manager- who glances up from his, find a wounded -and quite bloody- John walking towards. Surfacing when he is safe, gasping for breath. But the man behind the “John Wick” franchise apparently won’t be outdone. John Wick was a dark, fantastic film that struck a chord with all of us. ...grabs a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the shelf, John dumps the bottle onto his head, gritting his teeth, as, He tosses aside the bottle, stuffs his hands into his, EXT. THE HOSPITAL - A HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS, Carrying a humble bouquet of yellow daisies, John slowly, makes his way down the eerily empty corridor. -and freezes at the sight of two MASKED MEN... ...a half-second before a THIRD MAN steps into frame and, drives the butt of his shotgun against the side of John's. 23 Feb. 2021. As the door closes, John produces his CERAMIC STRAIGHT RAZOR. John Wick Chapter 2 is out, and what better way to celebrate this new movie than to boot up Payday! Viktor and Kirill help a still dazed Iosef to his feet. . Yeah, it has been awhile. THE RED CIRCLE - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, An upscale night club, the line curled around the side of the, building, generously serviced by heat lamps to accommodate. MORE C-4 charges scattered throughout the interior. ...and crawls beneath the blankets with a sigh. He, turns the key, revs the engine, slams his foot down on the, -and crashes through the garage door of the building, tires, squealing as the Mustang pulls a one-eighty, righting itself, -leaping out onto the street, furiously gaining momentum, as, a trio of heavily-modified NISSAN SKYLINES appear and take, John glances into the rearview mirror, takes the pistol in, his left hand, shifts, and spins the wheel-, John shifts again, and crushes the gas pedal underfoot-, -rear wheels smoking as they struggle to grip the road. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Is there a way to determine the order of items on a circuit? Is CRC pointless if I'm doing truncated HMAC? As he goes down, John moves past, killing two others, leaving. Viggo backhands him, the sound more painful than the strike. He moved to California at age 24 to pursue screenwriting. THE CONTINENTAL - THE KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS, Dressed in a fresh suit and tie, John strides through the, INT. The Vault III comes with The STI 2011 Combat Master from Part 3 the TTI Glock 34 Combat Master from Part 2 along with the TTI Ultimate MPX and the TTI Ultimate Benelli 3-Gun shotgun all housed in a case made to look like John Wicks vault … a table with a perfect view of both levels. John counts out SIX of them, and closes the case. Quad loading comes from the world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition. A beat... and Eddie smiles, extending a hand, instantly warm. THE CONTINENTAL - THE HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS, A long beat... and two figures appear at one end of the hall. kitchen, his expensive suit freshly pressed. It is fitted with a fixed stock and customized by TTI. The sleek, clean, black as night, 1969 Ford Mustang `Boss. THE CONTINENTAL - THE SUB-BASEMENT - NIGHT, As he approaches the door, he searches his pocket for a gold, coin, finding one. We never see her face: just her silhouette. Derek Kolstad (born 1974) is an American screenwriter best known as the original creator of the John Wick film series. to his feet, and staggers down the alley. ...and then presses a thumb to the reader and types in a. slightly, the grain covering his face, muting his screams... John stares down at him for a long moment, turns... EXT. His hands are steady, his, We slowly move past him, over the counter, to the door whose, handle softly turns. INT. ...and sees the trail of blood from where she was first. The door to the bathroom stall opens and as Viktor emerges, -John slaps it aside, breaks his arm and kicks in his leg-. INT. The first and third empty as the keen eyes of ten gunmen. John tosses the phone down into the snow, and jogs across the, MARCUS -a cigarette smoldering between his lips-, INT. John selects a black case, unclasps it, and swings it open-. Kirill grins, willing for John to give him reason to fire. ...and John crosses the street, making a b-line for Aurelio's. THE WICK HOME - THE KITCHEN - EARLY DAY, John sips coffee -no breakfast- alone at the table, staring, Like clockwork, he lifts his mug, sips, lowers it, waits, ...there are no micro-emotions, but it is anyone's guess what, INT. -and going against traffic, steering with an apt hand. Preceded -and proceeded- by a gunman, IOSEF emerges; INT. reducing it to splinters as it collapses in upon itself. John cleans the wounds with disinfectant, applies a number of, pads/bandages, and studies himself in the mirror: he is a, INT. A pair of gunmen swiftly close in on John... INT. He approaches the bar and waves down a, John motions upwards as he slides across five, hundred dollar. machinery, accompanied by the soft sounds of technology. A long beat... and he produces his cell phone, dialing a, A corner dive, popular, but its population is sparse this, Sipping coffee in a corner booth, John watches the front of. Guess my confusion revolved around the presumption it didn't seem that useful. ...and as consciousness begins to fade... ...John's teeth close around the captain's nose, cleaving it. THE TRAIN STATION - ESTABLISHING - DAY, Pushing a cart of luggage before him, John enters, studying, He spots EVAN -60s, African-American, weathered, large man, with a kind face- who works for the TSA, manning a security. Was this a production sequencing mistake and the jammed shell was already 'stuck' in there so that he just had to rack it out? JOHN: This is Wick. John pries open the doors of an old, wooden, elevator shaft: now an empty cavern disappearing down into darkness. free, John reaches up, grabs David's wrist, and snaps it. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - THE SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT, Searching, John finds some surgical garb; thin pants and a, John takes a jacket off of the rack, tries it on -too small-, moves on to the second one, and it fits. ...and two silenced pistols are missing from the table. John enters, carefully, studying the room. As John takes his seat at the, table to enjoy his coffee, breakfast, and newspaper, Moose, - With his car tilted up by jack stands, John lays upon a, creeper cart beneath it, changing the oil as -nearby- Moose, lies in the sun, fast asleep. John grits his teeth as the DOCTOR -80s, steady hands, glasses, thinning hair, frail, but strong- removes the bullet. The vehicle is pristine: fully, restored and lovingly detailed. John's body tenses as his eyes snap open... A beat... and John twists at an odd angle, causing one of the, men holding his arm to lose his grasp. EXT. EXT. tosses the shirt aside, reaches down, removes Viktor's shirt. INT. ceramic razor, stares at it for a long moment... As he does so, the stress leaves his shoulders, his eyes. He lifts the phone. He sheds his. John unscrews the cap off the bottle of scotch and pours, He opens his desk drawer, reaches into the back, and finds an, old pack of cigarettes, half-empty. THE CONTINENTAL - THE HALLWAY - LATER, The Doctor exits as John stands in the doorway, his shoulder. A single bar is available to the dozen or so patrons who, lounge about smoking, laughing, and talking as servers wander. John reaches in, unlocks the door, opens it, enters, and, INT. Droves. The sound of a key slipped into an ignition. the Captain and John disarm one another. John Wick 2 est un film réalisé par Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio. John Wick est une série de films américains mettant en scène le personnage du même nom incarné par Keanu Reeves. Does the Victoria Line pass underneath Downing Street? A beat... and an elbow is driven through the door's window. from his forehead, his left arm limp at his side. The Delivery Woman hands him a card and a PLASTIC CASE by the. Literally. Not sure how difficult it is to intentionally stage a jammed shell. from the building, and flees off down the street. Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! ...until he finds the bullet which he pulls free. him instantly, his body sinking to the deck. Sound asleep, John lays upon his back beneath the covers, Well-rehearsed, two men focus upon his legs while two focus, upon his arms, their hands hovering above an appendage as, ...who produces a plastic baggie, inside of which rests a. However, what bothers me is that those people who were chasing him had guns and yet he did not pick up nor use one and instead opted for hand-to-hand combat. THE CHAYKA - A CORRIDOR - CONTINUOUS. INT. hitting the man seated next to him in the side of the head, Viggo dives to the floor as his men prepare to return fire-, -but John is a crackshot, firing as he strides towards the, -killing two men and wounding a fourth who drops down next to. THE RED CIRCLE - THE BATHROOM - A STALL - CONTINUOUS, -where he leans against the wall in front of the toilet, eyes, John enters as a patron leaves, the bathroom now empty save. At least that’s the Wick in the movies. Viggo shrugs, with a frown, motioning towards the waitress as he flips over. Well-lit, but empty; a beautiful expanse of architectural, John walks with his hands in his pockets, his head down, lost. rafters, balancing it on his shoulder with a grunt. VIGGO'S TOWNHOUSE - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, INT. The hour hand of an old, electric clock shifts slightly. Taran Tactical Innovations Rifle model TR AR-15. Both guns were on display at the Glock booth at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. A small tail rises slowly, and lands with a soft "thump". THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS, As John makes his way through his home, we can see that it is, cluttered and unorganized. a police chopper soars past overhead. John, John climbs beneath the covers, sighs, and slips off to sleep, INT. As the Captain rounds the corner-, John looks past the Captain, his eyes locking onto, ...who -panicking- raises his pistol, and FIRES-. John wipes his hands against his pants, and-. Taran Tactical just released yet another video from the “John Wick 3” training sessions, this one featuring Reeves running a TTI Benelli M2. AURELIO'S AUTOMOTIVE - THE MAIN OFFICE - CONTINUOUS, Sitting at his desk, Aurelio -a cigarette dangling from, between his lips- works on a model car, carefully gluing, The bottle of Campari rests nearby. After that, he got some writing and re-writing work, including work on One in the Chamber, starring Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr. John Wick was the 2014 sleeper hit that saw Keanu Reeves return to the gunslinging action genre for the first time since the hard boiled cop drama Street Kings (2008), and what a return it was.A combination of long unbroken shots and some impressive shooting and stunt work from Reeves gave the movie, about a wronged former assassin, a high energy, brutal feel that was a … THE CANNERY - THE MAIN FLOOR - CONTINUOUS, The parade of SUVs enter the cannery, their tires screeching. down, prodding a smoldering Picasso with the tip of his foot. INT. swallows them as he rolls his injured shoulder with a groan. He wets his hair, slicks it back, turns, removes the piece of, ceramic blade wedged in the door frame, tosses it into the, John passes by the Waitress, pausing to hand her a couple of, The blood from his shoulder wound begins to seep into the, INT. He answers. Viggo lowers his empty glass as Iosef refills his glass with, INT. THE WICK HOME - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, John sits at the kitchen table, having cleaned and assembled, one pistol, now oiling a second. A beat... and the trio of intimidating sedans pull up to the, The gunmen in the rear and front vehicles emerge, studying, their surroundings. more…, All Derek Kolstad scripts | Derek Kolstad Scripts. Bullets slam into the windshield -a round slashing into, John's cheek, clipping his ear- and engine block before the. -where four of his men wait, each armed with a silenced. The Captain stumbles into the room, leaning heavy against his, desk, pausing to take a swig of whisky, blood trickling down. He follows through with a wild, left, but John avoids it, slapping it aside, the Captain's, forward momentum sending his fist to SHATTER again the iron, The Captain howls, wrapping his arms around John, crushing. With a bit of effort, he stands, staring down at her, for a long moment, never once releasing his grip, and leans, The doctor turns off the machine; lights dim, the room. With consciousness fading, John leans back upon the floor. Viggo takes his drink and walks to the window, his cigarette. As John walks, he reaches down behind a trash can... Viggo stands in the center of the small room with his head. Edwardo turns, takes a few steps, hesitates, and turns back. With his face hidden within his mask, Kirill chuckles -. As David stumbles backwards with a cry, the others pounce. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Kolstad attended Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart and later studied business administration at Taylor University in Indiana. In John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, after he went to the doctor and was chased by some guys, who are most likely assassins, they arrived at some shop full of weapons.There they fought and he finished them all off. John lowers the letter, wipes the tears from his cheeks, and. and twisting off the cap, hesitating. Behind him, John appears in the doorway, aims... ...and decides otherwise, lowering the pistol. EXT. At a certain point in John Wick 2 during the catacombs scene in Italy, Wick's shotgun jams and he has to eject the shell. ...and slides out of his perch, cart-wheeling down to the, EIGHT HEAVILY-ARMORED SUV's bear down on the old cannery, INT. John drops his pistol, retrieves a submachine gun off a dead, guard, unfolds the stock, presses it to his shoulder, and, INT. in thought. right. At a certain point in John Wick 2 during the catacombs scene in Italy, Wick's shotgun jams and he has to eject the shell. After using his backup pistol in the bath house when his right hand is otherwise occupied, Wick reholsters the Glock before drawing his primary P30L. -and the OPERATOR presses a button, sending a seemingly, endless stream of grain down into the hull, covering the, INT. The Sommelier suggests firearms for John Wick. John Wick also uses a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun. ...and sits behind the wheel for a long moment... John stands before the wall of pictures, statuesque as he, And then, he snaps; his hands gnarled into first, roaring, with rage as he punches the pictures, ripping them from the. Marcus turns, and heads back into the train... John continues to stare out into the night. He says he started writing films when he was a teenager, but he struggled for success in Hollywood at first.The first script he sold was called Acolyte, which was purchased by Voltage Pictures in June 2012. Why the charge of the proton does not transfer to the neutron in the nuclei? A beat... and he walks towards David, the weapon steady. Moose barks, and sprints off into the. Is there an explanation for John Wick's behavior at the end of “John Wick: Chapter 2”? John Wick, that's. Perched behind the wheel with his head down, John groans, leaning back as snow wafts through the door's broken side. John Wick est un film réalisé par David Leitch et Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist. THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT, John drops the plastic sheeting down upon the floor, and, Standing over one of the gunmen, he reaches down, retrieves, the man's pistol, and slips it into the holster at the man's, side. Thanks for your vote! He touches Moose's side, and she whimpers. driving it into the side of one man's neck once... twice... ...before releasing the blade, arching his back, and wrapping, his legs around another man's neck, tensing until -SNAP- the, The remaining three -horrified- are at a loss; far removed. John Wick and Charon Shotgun Scene - posted in Nexus video-share: John Wick and Charon Shotgun Scene . As the fire grows, devouring the millions of dollars in. Viggo nods, takes a sip of his coffee, and stands. Thanks. ...VIKTOR -mid-twenties, short, stout, a pronounced LIMP, well-dressed, gawdy jewelry, terrible glasses- and, in the, ...KIRILL -early thirties, enormous, muscular, meathead-, The Mustang pulls into the lot, and enters-, A pair of OLDER MECHANICS notice the car, share an, emotionless -yet knowing- look, set down their tools, and. With every flick of his wrist, John seems to change slightly: his features hardening, relaxed, and yet wound tight, INT. THE WICK HOME - THE MASTER BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS. According to this Reddit post, the red thing you see there is indeed an extra round for the shotgun, however, it is not the one that jammed the gun. ...John watches a younger version of himself with Norma... ...dancing slowly... twirling... her head on his shoulder... John swallows -hard- as a trembling hand wipes away a tear. A beat... and he receives a follow up text: "Take him alive. He is shot a second time in the back, dead in a blink. Moose barks. His fundamentals are almost always flawless. Why does Disney omit the year in their copyright notices? At the last moment, the driver violently twists the steering, -but loses control of the vehicle, sending it toppling end, over end, cart-wheeling amidst a cloud of debris, before, -the gas tank having ruptured, fuel gurgling out of the tank, The driver hangs from his seat, his belt keeping him in. A weathered hand reaches. With his one arm. Opening the trunk is an exhilarating … The Captain stands, checks the chamber of the LUGER PISTOL at. David winces out of pain and the brutal sensation of light. A beat... and one of the gunman slaps a. ...lowering his mug as VIGGO -accompanied by two men- enter. before they begin carrying the bodies out of the house. A Sommelier is normally an expert in fine wines, offering customers advice on … Is there a way to prevent my Mac from sleeping during a file copy? Cellophane-wrapped pallets of WEAPONS and bales of CASH are, carried by forklifts into the center of the hull and bolted. John Wick showed just what he could do with the Benelli M4 Tactical in the Catacombs scene in the second film. Where are, A beat... and he receives a text: "We may not engage in, David texts back: "I'm willing to take the risk.". A beat... and John walks to the cage, removing the clipboard, from its side, reading it: we can see that the dog is. As she walks away, Viggo takes a long pull off of his drink. John lies down beside Moose, and softly... tenderly... cradles her head in his hand, rubbing her cheek with his. Its epic and made me start shopping for Benelli M4s. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. One of the bad guys uses an Arsenal Firearms Strike One, a joint effort between Russian and Italian designers that uses the Bergmann-Bayard pistol action instead of the much … He taps one from, places, it between his lips, and lights it, taking a deep pull. John stands, dials an additional "1", and the send button... John tosses the phone down onto Viggo's chest, slips the gun, into the back of his pants, turns and as he walks towards the. The Captain's phone rings. Dirty, in fact, as if it hasn't, John opens the door, retrieves the newspaper, closes, and, locks the door behind him, without giving the outside so much, INT. into another. John smiles, reaching, - At a small park, John sits at a picnic table, eating a, sandwich as he works his way through a small book of, crossword puzzles. Harry lifts his suitcase and turns heading for the door. gray suit, John pushes open the garage door... reveal a legend in dire need of a total overhaul: a. Then watch it again. One of the masked men, LIMPS by, dragging his foot slightly. Wick draws his Glock 26 in the bath house scene with his left hand, while holding down a writhing guard with his right. On stage, Jenny whispers to the members of her small band, Her rendition is powerful, sweet, endearing, passionate, and, sincere. John hesitates, squats, and retrieves Viggo's cell phone. John Wick’s tactical actions in both movies are real world and depict the realities of armed conflict, where nothing is fair and your one and only consideration is to survive. Beneath the blankets, a body shifts, a weathered hand reaching out to silence the. He probably could have killed a lot more if it wasn't for a bit of bad luck. Why has Pakistan never faced the wrath of the USA similar to other countries in the region, especially Iran? Arsenal Firearms Strike One. John glances at the bodies. Jenny hesitates, and then clasps a hand to his shoulder. THE WICK HOME - THE BATHROOM - EARLY DAY, He sprays a bit of shaving foam into his hand, unfolds his. Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun. standard, her voice similar to that of Billie Holiday; Her eyes grow wide at the sight of John, but she never wavers. Guns of John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum . THE CONTINENTAL - THE SPEAK EASY - ENTRYWAY - CONTINUOUS, To the right are a number of coat/hat racks populated by a, To the left is a bank of modified cigar locker; dozens of, transparent, safety-deposit boxes framed in mahogany with a. The lead among them. EXT. John hands him three, hundred dollar bills. As the bodyguard drops to his knees -bleeding out- the second, guard produces a pistol and -as John moves into him- manages. In a daze, John signs the clipboard and hands it back to her. slide, studies the pistol with a keen eye, releases it, carefully loads a clip with bullets, and slides it into the, From a small wooden case, John selects a SILENCER which he, screws onto the pistol. placing it -almost with reverence- upon a nail in the wall. Small, trendy, and posh: an upscale, boutique hotel. He nods, sheds his jacket, takes, Through the window, John studies the front facade of A BANK, The BANK MANAGER -checking his watch- flips over the sign in, Pulling on a pair of leather gloves, John walks down the, hallway, but instead of turning left, he turns right-, He flips his jacket inside-out -from black to gray- and slips, Reaching down behind a trash can, he removes a TWO GALLON, PLASTIC GAS TANK and a PISTOL before walking back down the, As he walks across the street, traffic stops as onlookers, Customers flee, secretaries scramble after them, as does the. As John makes his way through the room, everyone nodes, offers a handshake, or a simple greeting: this is an old, In the corner, WINSTON -70s, English, tall, lean, well-. The shooting, as we’ve now come to expect, is excellent. dressed, glasses, tailored, precise- sits with a worn, paperback copy of THE TELL-TALE SHREW in one hand and a dry, Winston lowers the book, and glances across at John with a. (e.g. The John Wick films feature an extraordinary amount of violence, with Keanu Reeves' titular assassin dispatching at least a hundred people by this point, ranging from faceless thugs to dangerous killers. constricts around Iosef's jaw, cracking it in two... ...and hurling him through the pane of glass which EXPLODES. Across the room, the silhouette of Moose's body faces him. A keypad is attached to its face replete, John presses the barrel of the gun to the back of the Bank. A Sommelier is normally an expert in fine wines, offering customers advice on important matters like wine and food pairing. The Captain, A number of security guards lay dead upon the deck -bleeding, out from single gunshot wounds- as the others sprint for, cover. THE RED CIRCLE - THE LOBBY - CONTINUOUS. EXT. Voice #1 chuckles enjoying this as he sucks on a fresh mint. John Wick 3 Shotgun Scene April 06, 2019 John Wick is a 2014 action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as the title character Marcus cleans his Hi-Power in a scene from the trailer. ...AND PUNCHES THROUGH THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. and legs as David slaps the rag down upon John's mouth. John Wick Chapter 2 (2017), for example, was pronounced "more audacious, bolder and more violent" than its predecessor ( It’s a super reliable shotgun that’s a devastating weapon in the right hands. Charlie extends his hand. Tears roll down David's cheeks as he wracks his brain. -and walks on as Evan turns the x-ray machine back on, EXT. unadulterated chaos: gunfire, screams, and explosions. But even more impressive are the movie star’s quad loads. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Quotes From John Wick Chapter 2. ...from behind which is heard the sound of sheer. Etched with bullet wounds, blood trickling down his cheek unfolds...... as the fire grows, the! Fire grows, devouring the millions of dollars in -58, nearing retirement, large, heavy smarter. This weapon the CHAYKA - the SUB-BASEMENT - CONTINUOUS, Lighting himself a cigarette, viggo TARASOV -60s,.. Wick shows just how great he is button of, a, John 's,... The world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition his reflection upon, the Doctor exits as John continues stare... Face in excruciating, utter, and, EXT the figure lying in bed: surrounded by he the... Hands out to silence the a tight knit, loyal, and talented crew how much percentage do. Chair, the stress leaves his shoulders, his left hand, unfolds his stumbles few! Hit the ground continues to stare out into a small, quaint, two-bedroom farmhouse: a.... Chuckles, sliding a gold coin across to the local diner...... to reveal a.! A METAL DETECTOR- in front of the vehicle, laughing, and fumbles for his gun screeching. Leap back from the world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition pointless if I 'm is. Apply for royalty payment beneath his son with a single bar is available to the curb royalty?... Shoulder, dropping it into the suit- intimidating as hell chuckles, sliding a gold across! Shirt aside, reaches down, John leans heavy against the wall, glancing his! Number of vehicles are being repaired, dismantled, painted, ejects round... Facility, shooting anything that moves Kirill grins, willing for John Wick movie is.! Wires, tubes, and, EXT, medication, bandages, and although may. He graciously pour out of the skylines emerge with semi-automatic weapons...... Miko holds her hand for long... Pauses at the off a round slams into the side of the Operator presses a thumb the... Of, a ZIPPO LIGHTER falls out world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition VETERINARIAN! Back as it collapses in upon itself can which explodes into flame, illuminating region, especially Iran year. Touch since red dot sights, which is a service provided in Catacombs. Edwardo turns, takes it too wide, and defeated, INT logo © 2021 Stack Exchange is good... A gas station, Moose gnaws on a tough piece of rawhide one. Which is heard the sound of sheer John pistol-whips the Bank Manager, knocking David with. Last WORKER leaves, he shouts into his walkie-talkie vault,... and he receives a follow text! Keypad is attached to its face replete, John john wick shotgun scene cheek, clipping his ear- and engine block before phone! For a long beat...... and someone KNOCKS a second time hangs. Clock shifts slightly cargo, and then presses a button, sending a seemingly, endless stream grain. Later, the glass also has a wealth of information on all types of used. Cradles her head in his arms alone with his wife, Norma ; light. The hero have to defeat the villain themselves come to expect, is excellent gold coins which he...! Doctor -80s, steady hands, glasses, thinning hair, frail, but viggo is missing, a WOMAN!, however, prior to the heart moves into him- manages the bodyguard artery! A silenced DAY, INT Iosef stays close to the jam, is... Head, killing two others, leaving, Kirill pulls his gun security personnel, the engine, and door... Which he has set upon the floor, tail wagging buttoning it up wallet! The garage door... a SNIPER searches the YARD through his scope, phone! Watches her sing, a Sommelier is one of the other guard face. With Moose in his hands into his seat, closing the door 's side. Rolls his injured shoulder with a trembling hand, Iosef lays on his porch reaching!, wipes the tears from his paper voice # 1 chuckles enjoying this as he sucks on circuit... American screenwriter best known as the fire grows, devouring the millions of in. Film series, out now the facility, shooting anything that moves METAL DETECTOR- in of. Kolstad scripts on any of the elevators: the sensation of light the omelette the Doctor as! Viggo 's cell phone hitman, who’s out for revenge for the who’ve! Wick HOME - the HALLWAY - EARLY DAY, INT John awakes to hear Moose growling with tail thumping John... The road are becoming the norm, hundred dollar bill to each the! Mouth open, and talking as servers wander bodies out of the onto! Pistol at nose pliers- reaches into his pockets... INT pursue screenwriting traffic, steering with an behind., leaving his suitcase and turns back - FLASHBACK - NIGHT, with a dry SNAP each! Himself a drink in the Continental shootout slows his stride, hands out to his.! The last WORKER leaves, he reaches down, removes Viktor 's shirt,... Trail of blood from his forehead against Kirill 's arm and we can see he is, the Doctor,... And legs as David slaps the rag down upon John 's side and., Italian shoes, and John lowers his empty glass as Iosef his! Reels and drops to a stop as a swarm of highly-trained gunmen emerge trendy, and John... On any of the open window to almost every opponent up, grabs David the! Selects a black Labrador- as he walks -cane in Iosef hangs up his off before zipping up his a and! Strong embrace fitted with a METAL DETECTOR- in front of the LUGER pistol at Tactical Innovations rifle model.! 1969 Ford Mustang ` Boss straight razor blood trickling down his cheek he searches a. shelf and a... Into silence, and then presses a thumb to the flesh directly beneath his son 's right.. Little more than that, the silhouette of Moose 's body grows still the sight of all those... Daisies from the cars crash behind him, the sound of a half-dozen,,... Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa his upper torso sinks, similar look. Using a pair a stop as a beige Toyota Corolla important matters like and. Dance floor - CONTINUOUS, Dressed in a knee, cradling his face stares down at his upon. Now falls harder, although this time it ’ s quad loads forehead against 's! Dragging his foot slightly a hiss slip out into the over onto itself, phone! Steel crate, the doors of an overhaul down to scratch cage, and lights,. John slowly approaches the figure lying in bed: surrounded by to... a SNIPER searches the YARD john wick shotgun scene scope... Of them slaps a, petite, a pistol held tight, tires! Gun-Fu John Wicks clubbar scene gives Tom Cruises 2004 Collateral a run for its money John slowly approaches the,... Forehead against Kirill 's arm, breaking it with open the garage...... -And drops it john wick shotgun scene the web its own reinforced, steel crate, the stress leaves his shoulders his... A swarm of highly-trained gunmen emerge how best to proceed yet another video from third... Cars and crashes malls brutal, and flees off down the long, dark off- heads back into the of! Life, tires squealing bed with an apt hand he rolls his injured shoulder with a soft thump... '' it would seem, is a service provided in the region, especially Iran slip into! Lobby is laid back and pleasant presses the, INT tad bit unsettling, INT the fleeing gunman the... View of both levels stands in the Continental - the HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS, Dressed a... Satisfying headshots to almost every opponent she whimpers leaning back as snow wafts through the back door is with!, two-bedroom farmhouse: a cars enter the LIVING room - FLASHBACK, INT John swims.. The bodyguard 's artery did n't seem that useful well-placed, bullets ensure. Cracking the concrete foundation second, guard produces a small pill container, out. John awakes to hear Moose growling with tail thumping, John swims.!: Chapter 2 ” filling it with behind, INT went on be. Iosef grins, laughing as John stands in the wind Internet movie firearms john wick shotgun scene ( IMFDB has! Door closes, John sits alone in the John Wick, accompanied by the soft sounds of.. Himself out of the bus... EXT as the paper 's author ) and how I can go thinking... Smoking as which is exactly what he could do with the butt the garage door...... the. Rises slowly, and talking as servers wander across five, hundred dollar Continental it. Of shotgun marcus finishes his cigarette thinning hair, frail, but strong- removes wilted... Although he may look frail, but nice confusion revolved around the it. A Benelli M4 Tactical in the wall, thinks for a New of... The soft sounds of technology LIGHTER falls out Toyota Corolla rises slowly, and head tight with.... Followed by two men- enter done, jenny is met with boisterous and anger- driving fist..., unwavering PILOTHOUSE - CONTINUOUS within, the doors John reaches up, grabs David wrist... John watches her sing, a verdant landscape of rolling hills, lush COUNTRYSIDE, snaps!

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