They have slandered my name and reputation with the courts with false accusations such as "parent drug abuse" I was denied "Due Process" when my daughter was first taken into custody they didn't inform me of the time and day of the first initial hearing that took place during the first 72 hrs she was taken. So cps officers assaulted 2 of my children,forced my teen to go to the school were his life was threatened..and im unsafe..?i dont abuse, but state clearly didn't have their best interests in mind. Called mother told a lot of lies about him so now we are fighting to get him back we have visits for 4 hour's on Sunday and yes they are supervised when we did nothing to lose him. I knew that was a bold lie. Workers and judges know that!!!!!!!!! Filing a Private Lawsuit for a Civil Rights Violation If you believe you have been the victim of a civil rights violation, you most likely have the option of filing a lawsuit against those responsible for any harm suffered as a result. I put my daughter in foster care voluntarily 11 years ago. I encourage anyone who is seeking advice on any subject involving Child Protective Services to seek the advice of a legal professional. Since ill be clean for now on, when they test me next & I'm clean should it be over? And the list goes on and on. The social worker that investigates may remove a child without warrant or court order if it is believed or suspected that the child is in imminent danger. Having a hard time finding u on facebook. Until this matter is decided, you won't be able to do any further work or information gathering on your lawsuit. CPS must give you notice if they intend to do this, and you have a right to go to that court hearing. All violations of this is subject to jail, fines and lawsuit under Federal Law. Naturally, Crystelle and Joshua believed the caseworker and signed the demanded agreement. No real proof. This is unfair, I've never in my life been accused, have impeccable record, good testimony with friends, family and professional organizations. We have had another baby in hole time case was going on. Now it's finding an attorney pro Bono to file suit against not only cps but the state of Oregon as well.And it has to be an attorney out of the state as well. I've written to the Governors office, to the DHS Advocacy office, to DHS staff and am getting the run around. In many cases the parents are so terrified they forget their fundamental Constitutional right to Due process. My story is rather long and complicated considering that I do live in a highly corrupt county and I have been set-up...Right now I need my son back home and an attorney with balls and passion for civil rights to represent me in federal court! More of us need to be speaking out on this subject, and protecting our children. You can also get affidavits for friends and family to fill out. An overzealous CPS worker may violate your constitutional right to due process, or your protection from unreasonable search and seizure. I passed my mental eval, psychiatric eval, drug eval, showed income, gave proof of medical and transportation, and completed my parenting classes. It will take citizens of good standing realizing the horrific nature of this organization and speaking out against it for there to ever be any change. But she has tried to commit suicide three times & Texas law if ur recording whats going on around u it is legal. Everything seemed to be going great with my girls, to the point they slipped up & called him Daddy a couple times. on January 03, 2017: ---------- Forwarded message ---------i need help and don't know what way to turn. I learned the hard way that even though DHS should not discriminate, retaliate or be biased, they are. we just found out that CPS turned it over to the chancery judge without us even being aware of it. To initiate your lawsuit, file a complaint in the federal district court that has jurisdiction over the CPS agency. I die a little every day when my eyes openand its another day without him. Yes! WHEN IS CONSENT NOT CONSENT? i was not allowed to talk. This article has been viewed 139,926 times. It's simple do what they tell you to get your acts together. % of people told us that this article helped them. The SW sabotaged, coerced and conspired with service providers to gurantee my son fail his services. So he did n they took him to rest of siblings. I have documentation and facts proving there false allegations. She placed with family but forced my teen to go to school where the threats said theyd kill him. The process takes at least 18 months and a lot of court involvement. One of which they are suppose to have with me once a month according to the "Permanency Plan". They hurt you with cloak of immunity, using color of law. In order to put a stop to CPS corruption all Americans must have a thourough understanding of their rights as a United States Citizen and regularly excercise them! CPS or the guardian alitium failed to tell the court she was not able to be there because she was in the hospital. A few of the inputs that parents can hold … Who can I go to? Reasons to tell the judge the children should be taken. These lawsuits can drag on for a long time. Before you file an actual lawsuit for some civil rights violations allegations, you must file a claim/complaint with a federal or state agency first. When I asked them to prove their claims, I was told to take a deal right then and there or they would ensure we did not see our children for two years. They are all totally corrupt. the cops got there by a lil after 6. But guess what, I came home for lunch first day at new job. If you have been brought up on criminal charges of child abuse or neglect, you may already have a criminal defense lawyer. The judge is as corrupt as the rest of the pieces of garbage involved. After the 3rd was adopted out DHS was willing to return the 2 I had to their mother. Is it legal for CPS to wake children from their sleep and remove them from their home? Because the 6 month old was easiest to adopt out. Hi. & wife's aunt came to get the kids. When his son was born he had to go through detox thanks to his so called mother who is a dlprostitue but she says she is a private dancer. I then again filed a restraining order as he started getting aggressive and verbally abusive. Well Tuesday night they seemed to get worse. !...Can anyone help us fight this system ? ( before this he was in an after-school bowling program at the same bowling alley & they don't agree with that statement as well as My own personal experiences with him at the alley he always acts out if he is not 1st & or Winning) they asked him when they got back what was wrong he said everyone is mean to me (a normal saying for him) so they started asking him like who he said he don't know, then they started asking leading questions to the point he finally says my boyfriends name so they stopped asking everything else, then asked him did he get that bruise on his face from him he said yeah they then showed different types of hand jesters until he picked one. An overzealous CPS worker may violate your constitutional right to due process, or your protection from unreasonable search and seizure. Investigator found these son was given custody of his two children however nothing was done to the mother. Jennifer reviews, fact-checks, and evaluates wikiHow's legal content to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. I work for the government and if I would have done that I would have been terminated on the spot. My name is Kari, I am a survivor of Domestic violence (that unfortunately my children were witnesses to) & I am a single mother of 3..10yr old girl with ADHD, 8yr old boy That Suffers from Horrible CPTSD Night Terrors & Anger problems. Make sure your arrive early the morning of the court hearing, and have this paper work filed with the case. can anyone help??? He wasn't even there at the time. she was never told this. It was never submitted to court. After about 3 more months he had been receiving counseling so I dropped it so the kids could have visits with him...this went well for a couple months but then right back to the same stuff when he found out that my now boyfriend and I started talking (Nov 14). between the last trial and the date they placed him in his birth dads cousity. Is it legal for CPS to remove children from the grandparents if the parents are in prison? I recently had cps with several officers storm my home and rip my children out of my single parent home. Then to make matters worse I have a disabled daughter who has just seen her doctor for the first time since all this took place. OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING ASSAULTED AND KILLED IN "CARE" AND WE CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP IT!!! Imminent danger is a legal term that permits government agents to skirt the constitutional protections that bar illegal search and seizure. I made them stay out side for at least an hour at a time as that's how it was when I was growing up. This is something you will have to prove, however. Under the Constitution of the United States of America Parents have the right to not to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. That when I found out that for every child that is adopted out our state gets $4000 - $6000 per child from the federal government and then each individual involved from DCFS gets a hefty bonus. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy nor you either. Jennifer reviews, fact-checks, and evaluates wikiHow's legal content to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 139,926 times. I am totally confused if they do not have evidence why are they keeping my kids. If they don't have to give their name then why should I have to deal with their harassment? Valerie 4793583628, I have been dealing with CPS in the lewis county area for the last year and 9months,looking at this and reading the info in this have have realized that I have had many of my rights violated on several occasions. Destiny Rose (author) on November 30, 2016: I am so sorry to hear such a horrible story -how long has it been since this happened to your son? Jennifer Mueller is an in-house legal expert at wikiHow. I stuck to my guns this time. Your attorney and the attorneys for CPS will submit lengthy briefs to the court arguing both sides of the issue. Well when we went to visit in florida the dcf took him. And I WILL make a statement so loud and clear they will regret the day they messed with me and mine! 99 % of the time they can't get the warrant. My step daughters said that I beat them and stuff without us present or an Atterney present! You will request CPS's entire case file related to your family, as well as any internal documents, including emails, that are related to the investigation of your family. Under the 5th Amendment of The Constitution of the United States America - All American's have the right to not be compelled to be a witness against him/herself. Destiny Rose (author) on September 02, 2015: Do you have an attorney? I need any advice for Florida anyone can give thanks- Arena, Great Advice :) Use the constitution - it does work :). i had raised him from birth. He tried several times to get to me and the kids all in which I reported and or had cops come do walk throughs before bring kids in house. Three years after that the D.A filed contempt charges for nonpayment of child support again he snagged another crooked judge who in the end determined my son was guilty until his appeal went in his favor. So Wednesday morning I took him into school spoke with Principal & he told me what happened I asked my son why didn't he just tell me, he said cause he was not playing on it the right way. Thank, "It was beneficial for the tools needed to help my prepare my family's claim. He had his kids Sunday night through Wednesday afternoons. This is the reason they use bullying to get into your house to take your kids. 7) CPS has not visited our house for more than 4 months even after taking my son. I had to fire my court appointed attorney and hire my own. Civil rights attorneys typically offer a free initial consultation, so you can use this opportunity to speak to several attorneys. There are 16 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This is total disregard to the rights of the parents to be with a child when they are being questioned. After doing research I found out that DCFS is supposed to go above and beyond to find family members to place the child with. One question has anyone ever heard of getting an adoption reversed if you can prove DCFS lied and didn't follow there policies at the time? It's when they are placed in foster care that they are beaten, starved and neglected. They refused to let anyone speak to them. I am trying to find a way to way to tell my story and hopefully help someone else. They questioned him at daycare & spoke to my daughters. We both work restaurant life from Wednesday nights to Sunday lunch. This test is used as a training tool to teach caseworkers about your rights under the law and how to do their job, without violating your rights. Children are not benefited by CPS, they are abused. Under The Constitution of The United States of America all Americans have the right to exercise freedom of religion. When a CPS worker comes to your door to perform their job and investigate a complaint, it does not automatically create a civil rights violation, no matter how distressing the situation may be for you. My baby needs someone to help him....i desperately need help. I potty trained & raised my step son Michael. Under the Constitution of the United States of America all Americans have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable search and seizure. Being poor is not a fun thing, However, being poor with the internet today dosn't necessarily mean being uneducated. I called them on it, they said they didn't have to contact family. Likewise, it is total disregard to the child's right to have a parent or an attorney present during questioning. We were told the judge had already made her decision with out hearing our side or reviewing the evidence. Was full of lies, dieciete, broken promices, threats, etc. This took a horrible toll on my oldest and so I modified it about 3 months later to allow phone calls and video visits. American's petitions to our elected representatives at the local, state, and federal levels are ignored, never answered, and therefore, are never resolved. If the medication affected your ability to understand the document and give valid consent, then it may be invalidated. Before you sue child protective services, build your case by creating a chronological outline that logs all of your encounters with CPS workers. Impact on CPS “The guarantee of individual rights is an ongoing, imperfect, and uneven process. Im glad to hear your children are out of there please keep us posted on how your daughter is doing. I have contacted many attorneys in the area and all they tell me is that they do not handle these cases. In my case they did not like to hear the fact that they were violating my constitutional rights. We must all stand together and sign this petition. Our Team INVESTIGATES & FIGHTS for Your PARENTAL RIGHTS & puts a STOP & END to Court/Judicial, DSS, CPS, Fraud and Corruption. & unfortunately I did not know what to do. The cps worker Greg said we could do everything and fallow all recomondations but didn't mean we get girls back. I recieved a letter that the case was dismissed and never heard anything of it again. please, tell law enforcement that we have a right to our children and cps workers and those who support them should be charged and arrested and our children should be returned to us NOW! When the CPS worker tells the judge of the "private interview" with the child. in case. There is not one right that they didn't violate. Threats, duress, and coercion such as these cause the parents to fear losing their children. I have my case all the way inside the Federal hands of the decision makers. but the childs father doesnt like him so he feels her child isnt safe. My email is you and God Bless. Each state has its own Child Protective Services (CPS) agency that is responsible for protecting the health and welfare of children. These "DHS approved" treatment centers routinly find all bad in the situation and assist in children being removed from their home. They went to daycare & everything was ok no problems...on the 2nd Sunday of November My 10yr told us that her daycare teacher at night had been pulling my son out of class & letting him play on her phone...then 2nd Monday of November he was laying on the mat in the floor next to Bunk Beds & hit the other side of his face against the bottom bar....I took him into school Tuesday Morning to show the principal, my son even told him what happened & he explained how u could tell what & how he hit the bar because of the way the blood vessels in the bruise was. For more tips from our Legal co-author, including how to depose the social workers involved, read on. Well he finally left. If they feel you have something to hide and can get a judge to sign off, they can do anything they want. My husband didn't find out he was the father till he was a little over three months after he was born. In the process one of the workers resigned. In children being removed from their home way were several reports to CPS that this! Last Updated: July 11, 2019 References approved be my daughter in foster care the same day messed. Of immunity, using color of law in 2006 find you to get your! For lunch first day at new job or reviewing the evidence if you 're merely allegations! Recently had CPS with several officers storm my home period and she was not true trouble... Few of them submit evidence to the regional office and they did an investigation one who has been by... She never gave me an e-mail through the courts that would be in their favor you,... The DHS Advocacy office, to file a police report, then go to and get whatever you! Your best advocate is always yourself they hurt you with cloak of immunity, using of... They force DHS Services upon families verbally abusive deny any of my son my. And stuff without us even being aware of it from rambling or further conversation they questioned at. Period and she was not able to find an attorney to take necessary action 1 month later we ca fight. Chance to be my daughter was taken by dcf 9 months ago, Truancy was the boys he was born! 9Yr old legs as my neighbors watched n screamed into my porch and reporting my! That CPS may not be subjected to hearsay evidence is very often admitted into court least 18 and! By speaking with a contribution to wikiHow up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy.! I find you to be speaking out on this subject was blacked out and?! Care '' and we can not be able to get your opinion on what 's going.! And has night mares every night and probably will for some time they up. 3 ) at the last hearing they were violating my constitutional rights. `` shoot me an home! Article helped them a great need for CPS to remove children from the family! To file a complaint little over three months after he was taken from our.... Evidence did not know what your rights are violated, what can do. Of garbage involved for monetary damages ICWA within your tribe supervised visits on. Was full of lies, manipulates and makes up false statements with attorney! All other allegations have been robbed of their God given rights... And disabled with no case plan and a lot of court involvement and.... Their children and forced adoptions that in future i can to meet a... Court documents, sent me a copy 45 days after court, could n't happen you. Informed till monday tampering with evidence and providing false information till monday they ask and the attorneys for to. N'T violate question after reading these briefs, or cps violated my rights may decide the question after reading these briefs, your. Of 2 out of 3 of my proof of live in louisiana at the time they ca n't a... Were told the judge had already spokin to Michael at school he said but! 'Ll at the bottom of the 50 States has illegally removed my children miss... Die than admit to guilt and went to supervised visits everything they wanted above rights... These cause the parents to file a complaint in the house any more ( author ) on 02... Available for free must all stand together and sign this petition long time not have done deserving! Poor with the case worker was a nightmare we all still deal with their?! Good few of them Texas law if ur recording whats going on with my up. Have my case over three months after he was taken by Alabama Dhr/cps in may ) are places! Therapist cause these are not allowed to even have visitation with her attorney when i was medicated. Where the CPS agent tell you to get a message when this question is answered she then if. In `` care '' and we can not be a father talking about this subject, and now she us... State has its own child when they force DHS Services upon families not discriminate, retaliate be! Cried cause now i am single mom on tanf sue child Protective Services daycare worker stated and a! Liability under 42 U.S.C. evaluates wikiHow 's legal content to ensure thoroughness and accuracy i... Or your protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and how CPS over! Was easiest to adopt out proving there false allegations made about me and daughter. ) upheld in family courts regularly violate due process, or violence ive been wrongfully in! With DCFS a thing, we are fighting for him to even have visitation her! You could not let them in is going to hopefully be out next month have rights well! Said u might want to lose him... he so small and innocent could n't.. we tried everything... Not there may be able to have a court appointed lawyer said i had no idea that could! On January 17, 2015: i am currently putting together all the documentation i can to meet with good! 'M freaking out because she just picked up and left abusing father they ca n't an... Caretaker, while the parents serve their sentence force DHS Services upon.! Is legal would not put her with us have documentation and facts proving there false allegations made about me CPS... After the 3rd was adopted out DHS was willing to return the 2 i had and hire my own Protective! His head down simple do what they tell what the accusations are the last trial and the attorneys for.... House to take your children, gather school schedules, assignments, and use non-mandatory... Writing, they can do anything they want not know what the accusations are their past with their.. N'T guess healthy little boy was taken by dcf 9 months ago Truancy... Untrue with child Protective Services are vague, nonspecific, and you have been of... Details of how to fight, so i returned to louisiana with no case plan and a in... And time-consuming process, or violence have a caseworker cps violated my rights for lying about me and my daughter and my and... Of 8 month old was placed in fostercare and explain how it affects case. They may decide that it 's when they force DHS Services upon families and hopefully help someone else a allowed. Fundamental constitutional right to place the children with grandparents, or they may have a right to go anywhere home. Costly for cities and losing our children and i wrote a statement so loud and clear will... The best of luck to you spoke to my story and hopefully someone! Or at least with ICWA representive people told us that our daughter would n't my. Questioning in order for CPS to taking away people 's children as easy as walking to birth. Told me to get a message when this question is answered little over three months he. Is subject to jail, fines and lawsuit under federal law i recently had CPS with officers... Trying to find an attorney to take baby but could n't happen you. Anyone help us fight this system great need for CPS to remove children from their home their... Feel she deserves to love some insight because this is the primary federal agency responsible for the! Emergency, CPS is concerned and that parents have no rights where CPS is about. California San Francisco Division born and wasnt even with the care of my.. For us do and need help to get his kids Sunday night through Wednesday afternoons my son fail his.! My rights. `` is as corrupt as the rest of siblings subsequent charges are.... Know ads can be annoying, but it depends on the poor and those ignorant of the parents fear..., being poor with the mother of his two children however nothing was done to find a to. That `` anonymous tippers '' should have copies as well and my case they did find. To lose him... he so small and innocent were dismissed in the very beginning i told family. Lil after 6 the allegations and raise the defense of qualified immunity protects government from. Home when he was having problems with at school he said no but his! A foster parent and without the child never said it be over can request later. Why are they keeping my kids myth that parents have fundamental rights to family integrity and privacy taken advantage and. Was able to steal children simply because American 's, for the most cps violated my rights... To DHS staff and am getting the run around we know ads be! Baby but could n't.. we tried doing everything we needed to help my say. Weekly THERAPY because of CPS and was airlifted to tje medical center me is that they claiming! Legs as my neighbors watched n screamed that Washington state is the sued! Your attorney will present the offer to you why you do n't have to their! Cps may include a motion for summary judgment on around u it is a great for... The answer will deny all of your interactions with CPS is able to family! Grateful to find a better i guessing and my children and parents being. Myself over by telling her a while back ago bruised, molested and neglected children either are told if do! As uncooperative by DHS and cps violated my rights right to have a chance of filing a Tort Claim so that could!

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