Let's briefly walk through some half dozen ways to lock a Clod differential. This upgrade is ultra light weight and features a smooth finish to ensure maximum axle torque gets sent to the wheels. Looking to add strength to your Clodbuster/Bullhead or TXT-1/2 axles? Aluminum Front & Rear Axle Link Suspension lock Tamiya 1/10 Bullhead Clodbuster. Minds Eye Design 173,307 views ... Tamiya Clod Buster Sassy Chassis Black Anodized Aluminum NIP Vintage RC Part. it is a lum made and high quality. ... Dana/Spicer, Auburn Gear, Rockwell/Arvin-Meritor, Eaton, Ford, Chevrolet, AMC/Chrysler, Toyota, Detroit Locker, ARB Air Locker, American Axle, and more. 5.0 out of 5 stars 25. Hot Racing Tamiya Clodbuster Aluminum Wide Drive Shafts CB20EL08. Hot Racing Tamiya Clod Buster Diff Spool Gear . I.. Part 1: I'm going to try and provide a guide on how to lock a differential on a Clod truck. PicClick Insights - Hot Racing Tamiya Clodbuster Aluminum Power Axle Diff Transmission CB12X08 PicClick Exclusive. $168.88. Allows for you to setup your clod as a 2 or 4 Wheel steer setup requires rear lockout to run 2 wheel steer. (4)  SCREWS � This method involves using three machine screws & nuts to bolt the two side gears together, stopping the spider gears from moving inside. Replacement Stock and Upgrade Parts for New and Vintage Tamiya RC vehicles including the Toyota Hilux, Tacoma, Ford F-350, Globe Liner, King Hauler, Clod Buster, TLT, … the glue method is taking a chance, i would rather just spend the money and get a good quality locker. Also, these methods require that you keep the gears aligned squarely on each other so the axle hexes and axle shafts do not want to bind when they rotate. Hi up for sale is a Brand New set of Clod Buster locking Differential set with hardware. google_ad_format = "200x200_as"; Retail Price: $49.19. A must-have for the serious rock crawler or racer! $8.99. Now, if both rear wheels have traction and one front wheel has traction, the vehicle will move forward. wheelbase : CVDs : Straight axles : Dif Locker : Upper 4-link mt : Ball Dif . A must-have for the serious rock crawler or puller! Some enthusiasts claim that the Clod Buster is even superior to the TXT-1 because so many tuning parts are available to optimise it and rectify its flaws. google_ad_height = 200; There are several kits now to lock Clod diffs, but I've been using this method for years and never had one fail yet. And it only takes a few minutes to completely dry and then you can run them right away! Watch; Aluminum Axle Animal Bumper Guard Protector Servo M Tamiya 1/10 Super Clodbuster. Clodbuster Accessories: Clodbuster Chassis kits: The "Rage" You can: race it, bash it, crawl it, afford it! These aluminum axle tubes will handle the a.. A must-have for the serious rock crawler or racer! 55T 540 motors by RC4WD. It slows down y.. Running a set of CVD/XVD axles on the front of your truck only and want the rear axle to match in wi.. This will support your upper upper and lower axle tubes and give you a side mount for your servo for front and or rear steering as well as a stable mount for your lower links. JB Weld will set you back about a fiver, and would easily do 2-3 trucks (6 diffs at least) First off, extract diff from Clod and clean and degrease it. Other options New from $21.95. These machined aluminum wheel wideners provide the extra width needed to allow you to fit the larger.. Differentials. Home > Scale & Crawler Axles > Clod Buster Axle Parts > RC4WD Extreme Duty XVD for Clodbuster Axle. This 32P 9T steel replacement pinion is designed specifically for your rock crawler. Free shipping. Hot Racing Aluminum Bead-Lock Ring (4)(Red) - Tamiya CR-01 TCR1002.